Could this photo end the war between police and black protesters?

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BATON ROUGE, LA - Did you see the image from Baton Rouge Saturday of the protesting woman standing up to the body-armored policemen?  Chances are, if you've been online since then, you have.

"I think what is so powerful about images like this, especially in the context of violence or war is that it allows viewers to look slowly," says Ashlyn Davis, executive director at the Houston Center for Photography. "Gory images, images of appendages, and utter violence is really difficult for people to sit with... And I think images like this that more symbolically capture these moments, impact a broader range of viewers on a much deeper level."

Will this image become burnt into our collective psyches like so many others have? While Davis admits it is a very powerful photograph, she says, "It's up to each viewer to make that decision for themselves."