UFO spotters claim NASA shut down ISS feed to cover-up another UFO sighting

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International Space Station - Did NASA shut down the live feed from the International Space Station on July 9th to hide a UFO coming to earth?

Well, that's what some UFO watchers think since this video appears to show a mysterious object entering the earth's atmosphere. Then, just at the point of entry across the horizon, the feed from the space station suddenly goes dead.

This is not the first time NASA has been accused of "hiding the truth" from us Earthlings.

Just last April, a similar sighting occurred only to have the NASA feed mysteriously drop out.

Another UFO hunter shared this video from the space station of a 'flying saucer' seeming to approach earth.

No other 'signs' were left behind, though.

So far, NASA has not commented on the latest feed shut down.

But back in April, a spokesperson said NASA never shuts down the feed-- the signal just gets lost from the ISS.

So it could be a meteorite...or a Chinese space ship....or a sun flare causing the interference.

Or, it could be we are not alone!

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