Anti-police sign in Houston driveway meanwhile Rosenberg police and public gather for change

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HOUSTON - There's a house in Houston's Sunnyside area police may want to avoid.  A sign posted in a driveway says "F**k the Police," clearly not a welcome mat.

The woman behind the bold message says she's outraged over recent fatal police shootings across the country, from Louisiana to Minnesota, and just last Saturday in Houston.

HPD fatally shot Alva Braziel after police say he pointed a gun at them in the middle of the street on Cullen Boulevard.

"They kill us and they get away with it.  They kill black people and they kill Mexican people, too and they need to stop.  Until they stop, we cannot be quiet about this situation," the unidentified woman said.

This shooting, like the others, has tensions high as protesters storm the streets demanding answers in front of Houston Police Department headquarters.

"Not only are we requesting that the footage from the Braziel shooting be released, we're requesting that there be a clear policy that whenever there's an officer-involved shooting, that 24 hours after that, that footage is released to the public," said activist Caleb Taylor.

No doubt, times are tough right now for police nationwide and the communities they serve.  At least things were peaceful in Rosenberg.  A vigil was the beginning of a conversation between police and the public.

"Support each other in light of recent events, so that we as a community can come together in faith and make change," said Rosenberg mayor, Cynthia McConathy.

Rosenberg police chief Dallis Warren says, "We have a very diverse, close-knit community. I think that diversity is our strength and we have built a strong community here."

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