Colorado town’s water supply laced with marijuana chemical

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HUGO, CO - So weed's legal in Colorado. No big news. But in one town, you can actually bathe in it!

See Hugo, Colorado, a tiny town just southeast of Denver, has found THC in their water supply. For you folks not in love with the sticky icky, THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

"I feel great... as great as a 90-year-old can feel, right?" says Hugo resident Maye Gene Lee when asked if she's felt any side effects."Maybe it's been in the water longer than I thought, okay?"

The town discovered the THC after a company was doing random drug testing on employees. Test results kept changing, so they decided to test the tap water. That's when they called the cops.

"I can tell you, there was over 10 samples analyzed and tested," says Capt. Michael Yowell of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. "Some of which showed negative results. Some of which came back presumptive positive."

How'd the THC get in there? Yowell explains, "Hugo Public Works traveled to Hugo well number one and discovered signs of tamper on the well house structure itself."

So far, nobody's checked into the hospital. Maybe they're just too baked to drive. But residents have been urged to avoid drinking, bathing, showering or cooking with the water. They even warn not to let pets drink it.

The town has handed out more than 2500 containers of free bottled water to residents, but some folks would rather see what's on tap. "We used tap water for coffee," says Hugo resident Nixon Walsh, "so we'll find out soon as the coffee's ready (if it offers a buzz). Ha ha ha ha..."

Might as well. It's not every day you get a chance at a free Rocky Mountain high.