Trump’s acceptance speech makes big splash in Cleveland, but draws fire from critics

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CLEVELAND, OH - It's been quite a week at the Republican National Convention, and Cleveland saved some of the biggest fireworks for Thursday night.

"I am your voice!" Donald Trump declared, as he accepted the GOP's presidential nomination. "I am with you, and I will fight for you, and I will win for you."

Republican delegates weren't the only ones cheering afterwards. A CNN instant poll indicates 75 percent who watched Trump's speech had a positive reaction to it, and 56 percent were more likely to vote for him after the marathon speech.

Newt Gingrich and other Republican leaders have to love that!

"I thought it was a very comprehensive speech," former House Speaker Gingrich said.

Former KKK leader David Duke, who just announced he's running for a senate seat in Louisiana, loved what he heard on Thursday night-- as he tweeted out, "Great Trump speech! ...couldn't have said it better!"

But others are saying Trump's speech was one of the darkest, dire speeches in political history.

At one point during the speech, Trump was interrupted for more than a minute while a protester from 'Codepink' held up a banner that read, "Build bridges, not walls." "How great are our police?" Trump asked the crowd as she was eventually escorted out.

Trump's call for 'law and order' was downright scary to many who question...'Does he not understand the concern over deadly police shootings?'

"I am the law and order candidate," Trump told the crowded arena.

Another dramatic sight in Cleveland on Thursday night...a giant scrolling text message protesting Trump projected on the city's landmark Terminal Tower. The message began, "Dear Donald...." It was quickly shut down, though, and the tower-- which has its own Twitter account-- put out a tweet of advice: "Rent a billboard, people!"

But, Trump managed some incredible feats during the week, like raising over $3.5 Million in 24 hours-- according to his campaign.

And Trump's daughter, Ivanka, was a hit. "He is color-blind and gender-neutral," she told the cheering crowd on Thursday night.

While the Trump-Mike Pence ticket gained momentum during the week, the 'Never Trump' movement definitely did not go away.

The vice-chairman of the Washington D.C. GOP party-- Gary Teal-- plans to resign and vote for the libertarian party candidate.

Teal reportedly said the Republicans "sacrificed integrity in favor of unity."

But maybe the most memorable part of the convention is the Republican chant heard all week long  directed at Hillary Clinton: "Lock her up!"

And perhaps Trump's crowd-calming response to that chant was a defining moment: "Let's defeat her in November."