Trump’s speech strikes sweet and sour note with Houstonians

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CLEVELAND, OH - "I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the Presidency of the United States," Donald Trump declared Thursday night in Cleveland.

And with that, Trump went on to give a 72-minute acceptance speech that definitely got people talking!

"I thought it was a good speech," Houstonian Benjamin Guajardo said. "As a Latino voter, I thought he made a lot of good points. The crowd seemed very enthusiastic."

"I agree with him when he was talking about America," Jerry Carrillo shared. "I mean, America is great. I'm proud to be an American. You know, I just don't know if his picture is the same picture that we're all seeing and stuff."

Tom Rundle definitely sees a different picture. "I was disgusted. The guy's gross...I mean, he's a megalomaniac."

"After his speech, I still feel the same," Demetrios Jerry reflected. "...I mean, 'cause I still live my everyday life the same. I feel it don't affect me as much as it might affect another person."

"I think his vision is very broad," Cecilia Morales insisted. "I mean we all want changes. We all want better expectations from this country. Now it's just a matter of actually going and working at it."

So just how many voters agree with Trump's view of America?

We'll definitely find out in November!