Democratic National Convention sees strong speakers all week

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - This week, the Dem`s get their chance to one up last week`s dog and pony show, at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Where, if everything goes the way the DNC planned all along - Hillary Clinton will officially become the Democratic nominee.

Who won't be speaking? Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, soon to be former chairperson of the Democratic National Committee.

At this point, Democrats might want to consider forgoing email communication all together.

Monday night is huge, with first lady Michelle Obama speaking on putting families first and focusing on Clinton’s lifelong works.

Melania`s speechwriter will be taking notes.

The left`s powerhouse Senator Elizabeth Warren is the keynote speaker of night one, but it`ll be interesting to hear what the senator from Vermont, Mr. Bernie Sanders has to say.

Whether he sticks to 'unifying the party' or sharing his bitterness over the DNC`s dirty tricks is anybody`s guess.

Tuesday we get to hear from former President Bill Clinton, our possible first ever 'First Gentleman.' Riiiiiiight… ‘gentleman.’

We`ll also hear from "Mothers of the Movement;" the mothers of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and more will all be speaking their peace.

Wednesday Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama both voice their support for Hillary, with backup from her V.P. pick Tim Kaine and former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

Then finally on Thursday, after hearing from retired General John Allen, Chelsea Clinton will introduce her mother, who`s set to become the first woman nominated, in a major party, for the President of the United States.

Don`t let all the politicians bog you down, there`s plenty of fluff, too.  Lots of celebs are making the trip to speak in Philadelphia. Highlights include Katy Perry, Lena Dunham and Captain Mark Kelly.

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