Georgia father fatally shoots stepson, then drives to church to confess

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Woodstock, GA —  A Georgia family is in total turmoil after a father shot his stepson in the head.

Police said Carl Lewis murdered his 19-year-old stepson, Bryce McCallum. The serious sin clearly sank in quickly because his next stop was a church!

"The suspect went to Woodstock First Baptist Church where he met with a Woodstock police [officer] who was working there and informed them that he shot his son," Joshua Watkins of the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office said.

Officers said Lewis told them he wasn't sure if his son was still alive, but when police officers arrived they found McCallum dead in a chair.

"It's like really hard to process everything," a close friend of McCallum's, Lexi Pulliam, said

Friends and former classmates are stunned that McCallum is gone, and they worry about his mom.

"I think shes gonna be taking this harder than any of us," another one of Bryce's friends, Ian Barnett, said. "Your child dying before you, that's not an easy thing."

Some of McCallum's friends said they aren't all that surprised Lewis committed such a heinous act.

"His stepfather was just out of control," another one of McCallum's friends, Chris Kandra, said. "He was pretty scared to be honest with you."

"Bryce basically told the mom that he wanted the stepdad gone because he was abusing the family, so she kicked him out," Barnett said. "And from my knowledge he came back, and he was blaming Bryce for everything."

Now Lewis sits in jail with no bond on multiple charges, including murder and aggravated assault.

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