Latest polls point to Trump, and he gets support from a Mr. Obama

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - While Hillary Clinton and the democrats dominate the airwaves from Philly this week, Donald Trump is celebrating the results of his convention in Cleveland last week.

According to the latest CNN  poll, Trump`s on top with 44% to Clinton`s 39%. Independents are now saying they`re more likely to back Trump and that`s giving him the boost.

Meanwhile, Obama family dinners may be a little awkward, now that the president`s half-brother says he's voting for Trump.

Malik Obama lives in Kenya. According to the New York Post, he`s registered to vote in Maryland and will do just that - - - for Trump.

Despite being a long-time democrat, Malik Obama has his reasons. Among them, he thinks Clinton should be held accountable for her “e-mail shenanigans.” He`s miffed at half-bro, President Barack Obama's administration for killing the Libyan Prime Minister. (He considered Muammar Gaddafi to be a close friend.) And he`s also against gay marriage, just like the many members of the GOP.

The elder Obama defends his right to criticize the U.S. President...citing a little document known as the constitution.

Bottom line, while President Obama spends time in the city of brotherly love....there may be a little less love in his own family!


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