Trae Day 2016 a success in Discovery Green

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HOUSTON - Hundreds of Houstonians gathered at Discovery Green to get down for the Trae Day celebration.

“He’s just showing love. Always. This is how we do it in H-Town.” Remarked Andre Allen

The family-friendly party, thrown by Houston’s own Trae the Truth, featured hip hop performances, games, a petting zoo, and even a little something to cool off in the 100-degree heat… a Texas style snow ball fight.

“There’s been a lot of wrong going on in the world these days, not just in Houston, but all over the place. It’s real nice to see somebody come together and make some peace for once.” Commented Big Zombie of the local hip hop group, Y.N.G.

The free event was created out of a love for the community and the kids, and school supplies were passed out to anyone who needed them.

“This is what we needed. (With) all the stuff going on in the world, we just need to relax.” Allen followed up.

“It’s also cool because the kids who don’t have nothing, who don’t have anything at home can come and get it down today for free.” Said Jayme.

In these troubling times, a boost of positivity like this shows us what’s truly important.

“It’s a positive look for all the people, all the community. To get together, to come out here to do one big thing as a community instead of violence… If everybody could come together as one, we could make it as one. Houston stand up.” Proclaimed Feat of the Y.N.G.

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