Bernie Sanders says he’s proud to stand with Hillary, but what about his supporters?

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Just in case there was any doubt, Bernie Sanders made it clear in his DNC speech that he's 'all-in' for Hillary Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president," Sanders announced. "And I am proud to stand with her."

But while plenty of Clinton fans and some Sanders supporters were cheering, not all of Sanders' backers are feeling the 'Bern' on this one.

"I know, myself, listening to his remarks last night I couldn't stop crying," Donna Smith, Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, said.

There was a chorus of boos and chants of 'We want Bernie!' throughout the crowd at the DNC on Monday night.

Comedian Sarah Silverman-- a former Bernie supporter now backing Hillary-- delivered her own message to the Bernie faithful: "Can I just say to the 'Bernie or bust' people, you're being ridiculous!" she said, and the crowd cheered madly.

So what are Sanders' supporters going to do now?

"Every voice counts," Houstonian Jennifer Hodges said. "...So I think everybody should go out and vote--  even if it's for Clinton."

"Bernie supporters will go towards Trump just to not have Hillary," Mia Bering predicted.

"If you agree with Hillary or Bernie in any way, there's no way you could even think about going with Trump," Chelsea Mitchell insisted.

But on Tuesday, even Bernie himself was booed while stressing party unity to his supporters. "It is easy to boo," he told them. "But it is harder to look your kids in the face if we are living under a Trump presidency."

Vice President Joe Biden weighed in on that prediction as he walked the DNC floor, telling reporters that Bernie's folks just need to 'vent' awhile. "Hey, they're all going to end up voting for Hillary," Biden assured reporters. "Come on, man. Do you think any of these guys are gonna walk in and vote for Trump?"

That's a question Democrats hope to answer with a passionate 'no!' by the end of the convention.

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