‘Pokemon Go’ game leads to rescue of 8 baby ducklings

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ROCHESTER, Pa. — Uh oh, Pokemon Go strikes again!

A man hunting for 'Pikachu' in a local park in upstate New York ended up duck hunting instead.

"Josh here was playing Pokemon," another Pokemon fan Jason Englerth said. "I heard the baby ducks in the sewer drain, so I went and checked it out— and then I flagged down an officer and he got everyone out here."

That's when firemen sprang into action and climbed down into the storm drain.

"Ready? You guys take about five minutes," a fireman said.

The firefighters rescued eight baby ducklings in all, which officials believe were likely stuck in the storm drain for days.

"I couldn't humanly walk past it and ignore it," Englerth said.

No one is sure exactly how the ducks got into the drain in the first place.

"Mama, you know, was trying to cross them and they probably fell down the drain," Englerth said. "But Mama ended up getting hit by a car it looks like."

So instead of catching the mythological animated Pikachu, "you catch 'em in real life," Josh Arpon said.

But sorry gamers, so far the Pokemon Go app doesn't give bonus points for saving wildlife.

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