Need a PokeDate? There’s an app for that! New craze helping folks meet

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HOUSTON - It’s no secret that Pokemon Go has evolved into a monstrous cult sensation.

But in this world of swipe left dating apps, social media communities and digital communication, are PokeMasters getting lucky and catching the rarest creature of them all… a significant other?

“If you really like Pokemon and they really like Pokemon, then that’s probably a way you can combine that. Probably a lot of people don’t go outside, and now they see a lot of beautiful girls. I know I’ve seen many," said Seth Galaviz.

“If you tell somebody, 'Hey there’s a Lapris over here,' and they’re like, 'Oh that’s awesome.' Then you’re just like, 'Wow, you’re awesome.' And then you get your Pokemon and you live your life,” said Justine Capps.

“And then you live happily ever after,” Debora Pope chimed in.

Forget Netflix and Chill, Now it’s Pokedate and Catch-em-all.

A dating company called Project Fixup has gone as far as to create an online dating service to help players find their Pokemate by matching profiles together and setting up Pokedates.

“I’m like whatever, let’s go play Pokemon Go. That’s a date right there. So I understand why someone made a dating website. He’s probably going to make a lot of money," saidTerry Son.

“To actually go out and walk and be in nature. You know girls are always like, 'Oh why don’t you take me out?' Well that would be an excuse to take her out, you know? While you take her out, you can also be playing Pokemon Go.” said Jayson, who was out playing the game with his girlfriend, Lucero.

So if someone comes up to you and says,  “I don’t gotta catch em all, I just gotta catch you,” like Lucero, they’re really just trying to get a "Peek – At – Chu." You know like Picachu. Get it?

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