Belgian researchers claim they can brew beer from urine, while California bar collects urine from customers

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Davis, CA - After you belly up to this bar in California and down a tall one, the owners would like you to give it back, please.

Yeah, the University of California-Davis is collecting urine for a research project to take the nutrients out of it and turn them into fertilizer to help Third World countries.

"Here at the brewery, we happen to brew a lot of beer and consequently produce a lot of urine," Sudwerk Brewery's Thomas Miller explained. "So it was only natural for us to help them out since we're not doing anything with that urine, anyways."

Meanwhile, across the pond over in Belgium, some innovative scientists there also know just what to do with all that extra urine.

Yeah, researchers from the University of Ghent say they've developed a miracle machine that actually turns urine into water...through solar energy!

Since the machine doesn't require electricity, there are plans to send them out to developing countries where drought causes big water shortages.

They even recruit urine donors using the hashtag #PeeForScience.

But the miracles don't stop there, since that recycled water then gets turned into one of Belgium's most famous exports-- Beer!

Yep, in the end, that urine comes full circle....right back where it started.

One Belgian scientist says, "We call it from sewer to brewer."

No wonder some beers have a funky aftertaste!

So, think of that next time you belly up to the bar and take a swig of a fancy imported cold one!

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