Brenham police officer denied service for being in law enforcement

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BRENHAM, Texas-- We've all heard 'Blue Lives Matter.' But in Brenham, somebody needs to tell 'em 'Blue Lunches Matter,' too.

Last week, a Brenham police officer took his kids into the McDonald's on Highway 290.

"When he approached the employee at the counter, she asked him, 'Are you a police officer?'... Then she says, 'Well I'm not gonna serve law enforcement,' and turns and walks away, refusing him service," said Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman.

"For that to happen in this community and this town was just appalling," said Hope Ruemke, who brings her kids to McDonald's for lunch.

Why did it happen?

"Her son is currently in jail for a serious offense," Goodson explained. "And she doesn't have a positive view of law enforcement here in Brenham."

Houstonian Donna Brown says that s no excuse.

"If she were in a perilous situation, she would call the police to help her. And yet she's turned him away for service, so it makes me very sad," she said.

Steven Smith, who lives in nearby Chappell Hill agrees.

"Police officers are trying to do their job and they shouldn't have to deal with none of that kind of stuff," Smith said.

Brenham police say they don't hold this against McDonald's. And why would they? As soon as they saw what was going on, another employee stepped in to serve the officer, and the boss eventually gave the cranky cashier the boot.

"This one incident, one employee, does not represent the values or the behavior of the rest of the employees there at McDonald's," Goodson said.

And by the same token, he adds, "Just because an officer 3000 miles away makes a mistake, it doesn't mean that all law enforcement officers are bad."

Business is still booming at the McDonald's after this incident. The only difference is the 'Now Hiring' sign in the window.

Our advice for that next cashier: don't bring your politics to work with you. Stick to Big Macs and skip the big mess!

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