Shelter worker tells how she flew all the way to Seattle to save a Houston ‘street dog’

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HOUSTON - Would you go to the ends of the Earth to rescue a dog?

Well, LaChrystal Ricke flew all the way to Seattle to locate a lost dog from right here in Houston!

"I run a rescue called Reggie's Friends-- it was named after my dog," Ricke explained. "And we are a small foster-based rescue in Houston who does a lot of our adoptions out of state...into the Pacific Northwest."

Using the hashtag #StreetLifeToSweetLife, the shelter rescues dogs from the streets of Houston....and then places them in forever homes all over the country.

And that's how this pooch-- Mila-- ended up in the Emerald City.

But Mila must have been watching 'Runaway Bride' on the flight up there because once she landed in Seattle...doggone it, this pup escaped from her crate and bolted for the nearest exit!

"I didn't think for a second about just getting on a plane and flying to Seattle to try to find her," Ricke said.

And that's exactly what she did!

Turns out Mila was spotted running around a cemetery about a mile and a half from the Seattle Airport, but she would not let anybody approach her.

So LaChrystal tried to find her there. "Strange cemeteries at night are not horribly hospitable environments," she joked.

You can say that again!

But she must have a special bond with this pooch because the next day, "I sat. I sat down...and we sat in the cemetery for about three hours," Ricke recalled. "She stood up...and she stretched. And she came to me, and she was kind of like, 'Oh hey, I've been waiting. I've been waiting for you.' And it was very emotional....very emotional for everyone that was there."

Now Mila is with a foster family in Seattle recuperating from all the drama, and LaChrystal is back in H-Town.

The shelter has a GoFundMe page set up to help cover the costs of saving Mila.

"We work really hard to save these dogs, and get them great lives," LaChrystal shared. "Honestly, I would never have relaxed probably ever again if i had not known what happened to her."

They say every dog has its day-- and in these dog days of summer, Mila is one lucky dog!

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