Simon Says: Hate Trump and Clinton? Vote for “Soul Bunny!”

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Now that the conventions are getting behind us, you pumped, excited?  Well, the way I see it, when it comes to choosing between The Donald and Hillary, a lot of you feel like saying “whatever”.

That’s because some people don’t trust her, and others are scared to death of him.

But what if we didn’t vote for either one of them in November?

43 states allow write-in candidates. The rules vary on how early you have to declare someone, but it’s theoretically possible Brittany Spears could be the POTUS.

Over 1600 people across the country have already signed-up.  My favorite is someone from Wisconsin named ‘Soul Bunny.’ I can’t find a website for Mr. or Ms. Bunny, but there is one for Deez-Nuts!

It is nuts! He polled well in North Carolina last year.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, about all this because  a vote for someone like ‘Soul Bunny’ is the heart and soul of the real problem here.

We just hate the state of politics.

A recent poll said 75 percent have had it.

So, if you live in those 43 states where Brittany Spears can get votes, why don’t you put your name in on the ballot?

Think of the message that would send. Perhaps it could form the framework for a candidate we can trust and not give us nightmares.

Because right now it feels like  Election 2016  is so wrong—it’s write!

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