VP Biden tapes a cameo on ‘Law and Order SVU’ to raise awareness for untested rape kit backlog

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NEW YORK, New York - "I am the law and order candidate!" Donald Trump declared at the RNC.

...Uh, not so fast, Donald...Vice President Joe Biden may have just one-upped you!

Oh yeah, Biden can say he's the 'Law and Order' Vice President for real because he just joined the cast of "Law and Order Special Victim's Unit!"

Well, at least for a cameo, anyway.

On Friday, the Veep visited the 'Law and Order SVU' set in the Big Apple to shoot his big scene.

Oh, not to worry-- doing a TV show is old hat for 'ole Biden.

Who could forget his breakout role on 'Parks and Recreation' back in 2009?

Well, okay....maybe he's not ready for Shakespeare, but the VP is actually doing the show for a very serious cause: to draw attention to the nation's backlog of "untested" rape kits.

As the famous 'Law and Order SVU' show open states, "in the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous."

And that's exactly why the show's star-- Mariska Hargitay-- is also committed to bringing attention to this cause, as she shared at a press conference last year.

"A vision of what justice can...and should look like," Hargitay described her wish for these cases to be finally investigated.

"It's someone whose life in every way has been turned upside down," Biden insisted at the same press conference in 2015. "And many times-- viciously."

They hope this special episode gets the case backlog moving!

Biden probably isn't holding his breath to impress the critics with his dramatic performance this time around.

But at least one early review may have come in from The Donald:  "You're fired!"

Oh well...you can't please everybody.

That's Showbiz!

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