Sneaker Summit stomps into H-Town

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HOUSTON - The thirteenth annual Sneaker Summit took place at NRG Arena this weekend.    The packed event attracted sneaker heads from all across the state.  Including mother and shoe entrepreneur, Kim Rowley who attended the event with her two sons.

"Well I came with my two sons from Lufkin, Texas.  We have our own online sneaker-head business.   So we came to sell some shoes.  This is the Holy Grail for shoe lovers.  It's the world series for sneaker heads."

While some came for the entrepreneur side of things, others came strictly for the love of shoes and the ambiance.

"It's lit, you know it's a lot of people out here,"  said sneaker fiend Thomas Manuel.

"I come out every year, twice a year for the summer and winter.  You gotta rep H-Town and I'm a shoe fanatic, so you gotta stay out here."