Arrest made in Maryland, pipe bomb exploded on police cruiser

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Thurmont, MD - If police didn`t have enough to worry about already - the quiet little town of Thurmont, Maryland is rocked when a pipe bomb explodes - on a police vehicle!

A Burger King bag left behind at the scene, surveillance videos and a debit card purchase used to pay for the explosive material led to the arrest of Kyle Rutger Mueller.

No one was hurt in the blast, but some in the community were left too scared to leave their homes.

“Some people don`t think that`s going to happen in a small town. It does happen,” said Chief Gregory Eyler of the Thurmont Police Department.

Authorities hope that Mueller`s arrest will calm their fears.

Officials say Mueller claims he was not targeting the police car. They also say they believe he`s shown interest explosives and guns in the past.

Sure hope he`s show an interest in cement walls and steel bars, cause if charges stick, he`s going to get really familiar with those for a while.