Accused What-a-burger gunman shot several times by off-duty officers

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SPRING, Texas — An extremely late night snack at a fast-food place included a side of drama that could have easily been deadly.

Two gunman wearing hoods and masks showed up at a Whataburger Spring.  Police said one of the gunmen went straight for the cash.

“As soon as the dude walked past the register I immediately thought, 'Oh. it's a robbery,'” a witness said.

However, these two suspects picked the wrong joint to rob.  Little did they know, two off-duty deputies had the munchies and were eating inside with their family.

“One of ‘em had a gun so at this point I was like, OK. I think he's gonna take care of it,” the witness said.

“One deputy who was armed engaged the suspect,” Thomas Gilliland of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said. “Fearing for his life, he shot the suspect multiple times.”

Both would-be robbers ran, but police said one was shot nearly a dozen times and collapsed in the parking lot. He was taken to Memorial-Hermann Hospital and is in stable condition.

His alleged partner-in-crime got away unharmed and is still on the loose. But he left his gun behind and deputies hope that will provide some clues.

“It was really traumatizing,” one witness said.

“It could have turned much worse had the deputies not been there,” Gilliland said.

No customers or employees were hurt.