How pets can play it cool during triple digit temperatures

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HOUSTON — Been outside lately? If so, you know we’ve got a problem. Triple digit temperatures!

And if you think you're overheated, imagine how your pet feels.

“Nobody can tolerate 110 degrees in the heat of Texas. It's just not plausible,” said Colleen Willms, a critical care veterinary specialist. “Especially when wearing a fur coat 24/7.”

Hot pavement and parked cars are the biggest threats, she said. Both can cause organ damage and deadly heat strokes.

“It's important for them to have access to water at all times.  But just having access to water is not going to prevent a heat event,” Willms said.

Willms strongly advises owners to walk their pets on grass.  Don't walk during the hottest part of the day.

“Dogs don't have the ability to sweat like people do," Willms said.

Take Spot with you on car rides but never leave him behind or trapped inside the vehicle.

“Oh my gosh!  Absolutely a huge, huge, huge no-no,” Willms said. “It's a recipe for disaster. These pets are going to perish within minutes.”

By the way, if Snoopy does show signs of heat stroke — like vomiting, poor appetite, or disorientation — cool him down quickly.

“No ice water. Absolutely not,” Whillms said. “Tepid cool water, cool towels soaked in water that are placed over the animal."

Then let the vet take it from there, and you'll still have that unconditional love from your best friend!