Kristin Cavallari’s homemade goat milk formula causes stir about celebrity parenting trends

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Celebrity trends come and go but what about when it affects the babies?

Reality star Kristin Cavallari caused quite a stir when she shared her own baby formula recipe, Special ingredient: goat's milk.

When she runs out of breast milk the actress and wife of Chicago bears quarterback Jay Cutler said she turns to goat's milk. Cavallari said the milk substitute helps her avoid the "heavily processed store-bought formula."

Cavallari said she started using goat's milk because her son is sensitivities to cow's milk.

Author of of popular blog, Lori Pace said although mothers may be eager to try celebrity trends, they should be aware of how they're affected.

"When you're struggling anyway having someone come in with something else and making it trendy and popular sort of makes you feel insecure and inadequate at what you're already doing as a mother," Pace said.

Melissa Bowie breastfed both of her two children and she said the the best way is the breast way.

"Breastfeeding is the best way to nurse children," Bowie said. "We're humans and that's what we've done since the dawn of time."