Roger Ailes, former head of Fox News, faces new allegations of sexual harassment

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New York — Another woman has come forward accusing Fox News executive Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

Fox News anchor Andrea Tantaros has filed a lawsuit alleging Fox executives ignored multiple complaints about the former Fox News head's behavior in 2015.  Tantaros said Ailes told her to “twirl” for him to show off her body and said she'd look great in a bikini. She said when she complained, she was demoted and eventually taken off the air.

Ailes resigned this year amid a flurry of sexual harassment allegations including from former anchor Gretchen Carlsen.

Tantaros is also an author. The book published this year depicts her on the cover bound by ropes. The network claims she was suspended with pay because she did't allow the network execs to vet the book and that was a violation of company policy.

Tantaros is speaking up now, which may be considered risky because she signed a confidentiality agreement with the network when she was hired.

If the Ailes story is anything at all like the Bill Cosby story, this lawsuit is just the latest chapter but may not be the last.