Study: Teen video gamers score higher on test than social media junkies

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NSA using online video games to spy

MELBOURNE, Australia — Are you gamed for a little lesson in math?

According to a study of 12,000 teens in Australia, video gamers are slaying it when it comes to math and a few other subjects, too.

The study published in the ‘International Journal of Communication’ found that teen video game junkies scored higher than average in math, reading, and science on an international exam.

While the study found that teens who regularly scan their Facebook feeds or chat online more than others tend to score about four percent worse than average in math.

The study author thinks that more research into how kids learn from online games could improve teaching methods.

But a professor in Indiana said playing games doesn’t necessarily lead to higher test scores; he believes smarter kids are looking for a challenge that they find in video games, but not on social media.