Brazilian judge calls Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feignen’s armed robbery allegation questionable

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Two U.S. Olympic swimmers could be in hot water Wednesday after claiming they were robbed at gunpoint Sunday in Rio.

A Brazilian judged ordered Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feignen not to leave the country, according to court documents.

Investigators said there are inconsistencies in the swimmers' stories about what happened when they were out partying at France House and when they returned to the Olympic Village after allegedly being robbed during their taxi ride back.

Lochte told the story earlier in the week.

"The guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead," Lochte said during a morning show interview. "And he said 'get down,' and I was like — I put my hands up — I was like 'whatever.'"

The Olympian said the robber

Lochte said the robber, who was disguised as a cop, stole his wallet.

The judge watched surveillance video of the swimmers returning to the Village and going through the metal detectors. She said a lot doesn't add up, according to her filing.

The judge said the athletes still have watches, wallets and cellphones on them, and they also don't appear to be upset, but laughing instead.

So, the judge said investigators need more time to determine whether the American athletes are guilty of filing a false police report, which carries a max prison time of 3 years.

But why would four American gold medalists make up such a story?

The U.S. Olympic Committee said police have further questions for the swimmers, but no one has been detained so far.

And the authorities are a little late, since Lochte's lawyer said the gold medal-winning swimmer is already back in the USA.

The USOC said the athletes are cooperating and willing to answer any additional questions.