Houston shelter donates to Baton Rouge flood victims

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HOUSTON — As rising flood waters continue to cause insurmountable devastation in southern Louisiana, a Houston organization is doing whatever it can to offer support.

Reports from Baton Rouge confirm nearly 40,000 homes are underwater, 30,000 people have been rescued and at least 11 are dead. To make matters worse, more flooding is expected. The Mission of Yahweh Homeless Women and Children's Shelter is answer the call for help. The organization has  loaded up whatever donations they can spare and have sent it to Baton Rouge.

Actor Wendell Pierce found his home among the watery mess. In a tweet he wrote, “My neighbors & I have flooded in Baton Rouge. I am reminded of the generosity given to my family during Katrina. Now we will care for you.”

Boots on the ground and random acts of kindness are leading the rescue efforts.  The Cajun Navy, made up of regular people on regular boats, have headed out to save those in desperate need of help.

Country superstar Taylor Swift is also pitching in donating $1 million to aid relief.