Woman caught on camera ransacking gas station store

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JACKSONVILLE, Fl. — Florida authorities are searching for a woman who was caught on video ransacking a gas station convenience store after investigators said she stole several items.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the woman walked into a Shell gas station and stuffed $11 worth of candy bars into her pocket. Investigators said an employee confronted the woman and she refused to return the stolen treats.

The employee then locks the front door of the business and trapped the woman inside, officers said.

Surveillance video shows the woman calmly tossing bags of chips, pastries, candy bars and other goods from the shelves and onto the floor.

The employee is seen walking in and out of the store as he tries to convince the woman to stop. At one point, the woman holds her purse up to the surveillance camera and shows that the candy bars aren’t inside it.

Once the store is completely littered with junk food, video shows the employee unlocking the front door from the inside and the woman casually walks out.