Simone Biles gets surprise kiss from her celebrity crush Zac Efron

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HOUSTON — Local "it" girl, Simone Biles crushed it down in Rio with multiple medals, but it was a surprise kiss from her celebrity crush that really rocked her world.

The 19-year-old superstar has never shied away from her feelings about actor Zac Efron. The gymnast even travels with a life-sized cardboard cutout of her favorite celeb. So, when Efron tweeted her back in July with words of encouragement, Simone was smitten. Well, 4 golds and a bronze later, Efron congratulates Biles in person by planting a juicy one on her cheek.

Ava ReJouis says, "Oh my god. That kiss. That kiss was everything. It was so adorable. He leans in, he kissed her on the cheek so softly and she went ahhh."

Besides the kiss, the sports star and movie star snapped a few shots with each other. At one point, Simone even snuck a peck (or a couple) of her own.

Biles might be known for flying through the air, but it's a kiss that sent her head over heels.