Target invests $20 million in single-stall bathrooms after transgender policy sparks outrage

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. —  Retail giant Target wants all shoppers to come in and "go."

That is, go to the restroom in the new single-stall bathrooms.

The retailer recently announced it is spending $20 million into adding new single-stall units, which critics said is the price of Target's transgender bathroom policy.

Target has a big bulls-eye on it thanks to boycotters raising a ruckus over the retailer's policy which states people can "use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity."

Back in April, more than 700,000 pledged to boycott Target over the policy,  and now boycott leaders say that number has grown to 1.4  million signatures online.

The retail chain is compromising by ordering the new single-stall, lockable units.

Store officials said they are not changing the policy, just offering a different options for shoppers.

Target executives said they're adding the new bathrooms "because we're listening."

Although store officials claim the boycott has not significantly effected sales, reports show a 7 percent revenue decline from a year ago, and forecasts are lower for the rest of the year.