YouTuber catches flack for making North Korea sound like ‘happiest place on earth’

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PYONGYANG, North Korea - YouTube star Louis Cole wants you to visit North Korea.

"Today we are leaving Pyongyang, and we are headed across the country on an adventure," Cole posts in one of his North Korean travelogue videos.

Hey, who knew the Communist nation was such a fun place?

Well, at least that's what Cole and his posse of vloggers would have you believe with tweets like "Did you know North Korea [has] amazing water parks?"

"This is unbelievable!" Cole exclaims while strolling through a rather "typical" water park, at least by U.S. standards.

Cole is a 33-year-old travel vlogger from the UK with nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers who tune in to see his adventures around the world.

But he's been catching flack lately for being over-the-top excited about his travels across North Korea, particularly for making the politically-repressive nation sound like Disneyland.

Critics think the North Korean government may be sponsoring this unlikely trip, seeing as Cole never documents the country's harsh living conditions or its stiff human rights violations.

Instead Cole says he's all about staying positive.