Humanity enters Anthropocene age, but it gets worse

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SOUTH AFRICA — It’s the dawn of a new age and possibly the end of the human race, as we know it on planet Earth. Problem is we're doing it to ourselves.

According to the Geological Congress of South Africa, the human race has reached the Anthropocene Age.

The group says since the mid 20th century, humans have outlandishly affected the composition of the earth. From the atomic bomb releasing radioactive particles to concrete particles, from buildings, floating in the air. The atmosphere, which so graciously gave us life, might just take it away.

Resulting in issues like global warming, and it's only getting hotter. Plus, thanks to our hunt for food, more species are extinct than ever before. They're real signs that mankind's demise could be imminent.

So take a moment and plan out your bucket list. Come the turn of the century you might actually need it.