No lives lost thanks to heroics on New York highway

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BINGHAMTON, N.Y.  —  Be glad you weren't on the road when an out of control semi plowed through traffic causing a 10-car pile-up in upstate New York.

It’s amazing no one was killed!

On the harrowing dash-cam video just released by the mayor of Binghamton, you can see one car was pushed up against the barrier along the median and it burst into flames. Bystanders immediately rushed in, but the flames were too intense to get close.

It took several folks with fire extinguishers to bring the flames under control and several local heroes to save the driver's life.   She managed to escape with only minor cuts and bruises.

A total of 10 people went to local hospitals. Two with serious injuries. Everyone is expected to survive.

The 74-year-old truck driver got a ticket for operating an out-of-service vehicle. He's lucky. His rig apparently had faulty breaks. That’s the kind of thing you need to fix before you keep on truckin'.