Houston flight to London makes emergency landing; several passengers, crew injured

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HOUSTON — If you've got a fear of flying, this won't help.

Authorities report 12 people were injured Wednesday morning when a United Airlines flight from Houston to London hit severe, unexpected turbulence and dropped 4,000 feet.

"We might as well have been  hit by a torpedo or a heat-seeking missile,” passenger John Dunton-Downer said. “It was like we hit a solid object at 500 mph. That's how it felt."

Things got so bad, investigators said the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Ireland. One passenger tweeted it was pure chaos.

"People were screaming completely beyond their ability not to scream. We're out of control. We're goin’ down," Dunton-Downer tweeted.

Authorities said 10 passengers and two crew members were rushed to a hospital for cuts, scrapes and minor head injuries.

One flight attendant is still there, officials said. United Airlines is still trying to figure out what caused the major shake-up.

The airline switched to a new plane, new flight crew and landed safely in London after the unscheduled stop in Ireland.

Those on board must have had the luck of the Irish with 'em!

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