Kaepernick choice to sit down has internet up in arms

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SAN FRANCISCO, California - San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick is involved in plenty of plays, but if he were in one written by William Shakespeare, he may say to himself, "To sit, or not to sit, that is the question!"

This ain't no theatre but Kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem as a protest against social injustice may be the biggest play of his life, on and off the field.

"I'm seeing things happen to people that don't have a voice," Kaepernick said.

Many have accused the star athlete of being unpatriotic, but #VeteransForKaepernick shows not all vets disagree with his unpopular stance.

“A true veteran might not agree with him,” Jim Wright said. “But a true veteran would fight to the death to protect his right to say what he believes.”

Gold medal Olympian and creator of his own controversy back in 1968, Tommie Smith said he supports Kaepernick because he's bringing the truth out regardless of how it's done.

Most 49'er fans, however, aren't so understanding. One posted a video while burning a Kaepernick jersey.

"You should never play another down in the NFL again," the fan said in the video. "Move to Canada."

Another post on YouTube says, “Not cool what you did. Piece of $@*T!”

Political cartoonists are having a field day with this, suggesting Kaepernick take a pay cut to demonstrate equality.

While others point out that Kaepernick's 'america needs improvement" speech is no different than Donald Trump's "make America great again" rant.


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