Mysterious scorpion stings sleeping woman multiple times

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia - A Canadian woman went to bed with a hitchhiker from South of the Boarder and got a lot more than she bargained for!

"It was so huge," Fox said.

Hold up! It's not what you're thinking — get your minds out the gutter, ya'll!

Rachel Fox's unwanted hitchhiker turned out to be a scorpion! And she said it was very, very painful.

The creature stung Fox twice while she was sleeping.

"My hand was tingling," Fox said.

But scorpions are not normally found in Vancouver, so where did she pick up this ugly critter?

"Neither of us had any tropical fruit in the apartment and this thing is like 3 inches long," Fox said.

Fox thinks she picked up the grungy guy in her luggage during a recent trip to Seattle.

The woman and her roommate resorted to a frying pan to do-in the little devil along with a can of Raid!

"She was like hitting it on the floor and with some serious force," Fox said.

Looks like this lady's just lucky her stinging hitcher was not a lethal one!

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