Marijuana tampons — yes, it’s a thing!

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VENICE, Cali — Forget the Midol and reach for the marijuana.

Women who suffer painful monthly cramping might be happy to hear about a new THC=infused tampon that claims to mellow their menstrual pain. Yes, you heard right — marijuana tampons! The makers claim it's high time women get some relief.

Foria, makers of the marijuana tampon, said their suppository is not a feminine hygiene product neither does it get you high. The company said its inserts simply ease the discomfort associated with having a period. Foria sells a four pack of marijuana tampons for $44 and said its pain relievers consist mainly of cocoa butter and distilled THC oil. Still, many woman wonder about the adverse effects that can come from stuffing Mary J. up their va-jay-jays .

As of now, the tampons are only available in the medical marijuana friendly states of Colorado and California.  Foria said it hopes to eventually reach more women who are open to something new.

Tampons to take the edge off.

Too bad it only comes once a month.

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