Police: Man drinks woman’s blood, chops off her finger with machete in wild ritual

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SUAMICO, Wisc. - Talk about finger food!

Police say a Wisconsin man chopped off a woman's finger with a machete after a wild blood-drinking ritual!

But after chopping off the woman's pinky — clean, all the way up to the palm of her hand — the man allegedly put the finger in a freezer and said he would cook it and eat it later, the victim told police.

Authorities identify the victim as Shelby Neuns, 27, who tells them she voluntarily participated in the ritual after sitting around talking about drinking blood with a group of friends.

Investigators said Jonathan Schrap, his friend Nick Laabs, and a local rapper who goes by the name "Bloody Ruckus" were all gathered for the cult-like ritual.

When Neuns volunteered to let the others drink her blood, she told cops that Schrap made a deep cut in her arm with the machete, filled a shot glass with her blood and drank it.

But that was just for starters, since she offered up her finger next!

After the finger chopping, the group attempted to close the wound with a blow torch but Neuns said that only caused her more pain.

Authorities pointed the finger at Schrap and Laabs, so they were both arrested, but Laabs was later released after intense questioning.

Police say they are still looking for rapper 'Bloody Ruckus' since witnesses claim he has the entire bloody ritual on video!

No word on what ever happened to the missing finger.