Class Act: Cedarian Lamb satisfies his hunger for greatness on, off the field

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RICHMOND, Texas — Cedarian Lamb knows exactly where to go to satisfy his post-game appetite.

"A patty melt, with a large milkshake," Lamb said. "I know it sounds unhealthy, but it's very good. Whataburger always hits the spot. It never fails."

But it's not his eating skills that make Lamb a Class Act.  The Foster High School senior is one of the top wide receivers in the country. Lamb has repeatedly said he is committed to playing at the University of Oklahoma next season.

"When I'm on a football field, I feel like I'm free to be any animal, any beast, any person I could be. Considering if I play well, I feel great about that. If I feel bad, I know I'll get them the next week or in practice."

Lamb credits his parents and Foster head coach Shaun McDowell for helping him develop on and off the field.

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