Oh, hell no! Public masturbation officially legal in Italy

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ITALY -  A little travel warning for anyone planning to hit up Italy anytime soon, public masturbation is officially legal in the European country.

If you see someone wacking their measticle or rubbing their hoo-hah in the middle of the streets, don't call the cops! The people are totally within their legal rights.

The highest Italian court, La Corte Di Cassazione ruled it is okay to buff the banana out in the open. On the other hand, if a minor witnesses a person pulling it in public, the individual can face up to four and half years of jail time. To any street performers trying to avoid taking their bratwurst behind bars, keep it 18 and up!

Ironically, this all happened after a 69-year-old man was flogging his log on a college campus. He spent three months in prison for it. Under the new law, the man can go wild with no consequence. (If he stays with legal parameters, that is.