Police: Criminal Attorney’s suspected bath salt freak out caught on dash cam video

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GULF BREEZE, Fla. — A criminal attorney in Florida has found herself own the wrong side of the law after investigators said bath salts may have caused her to loose it.

“She was messed up on drugs,”  Gulf Breeze Police Chief Robert Randle said.

Terra Carroll, 35, led sheriff`s deputies on a high-speed chase. She was clocked going more than 70 miles an hour as she swerved onto sidewalks and drove the wrong way.

“The reason why they were after her was they thought she was (driving under the influence,” Randle said

When officers finally caught up to her, dash-cam video captured a chaotic scene as she repeatedly disobeyed orders to unlock her car. Ultimately, officers were forced to break in her car window. Once the glass was smashed, Carroll told police he had a gun.

Carroll: “I have a gun.”

Officer: “You have a gun? Do not reach for the gun!”

Carroll:  “I don’t have a gun.”

Officer: “You don`t have a gun? Okay.”

Although she wasn't packing, a officer had to break a second window in her car in order to reach her. Before officers were able to pull her out, Carroll flipped the car into reverse.

Officers can be heard screaming,"Car's moving. Car's moving!"

One officer was brave enough to literally jump through the broken window of the moving vehicle and put it into park.

The video shows Carroll being handcuffed on the ground when officers say they've found all sorts of goodies inside the car including a white powdery substance, green flakes and a jar of bath salts.

Investigators believe the items explain her odd behavior.