Edward Snowden, Oliver Stone hold live Q&A from Moscow ahead of ‘Snowden’ film release

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MOSCOW, Russia  - Movie fans in 700 theaters nationwide were treated Wednesday night to the new thriller  "Snowden," along with an added treat — a Q&A with the real man himself live via satellite from Moscow.

Edward Snowden was joined by film director Oliver Stone.

"People don't know the background of where he came from," Stone said. "Why he did it. Who he was involved with."

The film helps answer those questions and shine a spotlight on the controversial government whistle-blower.

Meanwhile, Snowden has appealed to President Obama for a pardon of his espionage charges, but so far, the White House isn't budging.

"The fact is the manner in which Mr. Snowden chose to disclose this information damaged the United States," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.

But Snowden explains what he thinks will happen if he doesn't get a break.

"It will have a deeply chilling effect on future whistle-blowers working as I did to expose government abuse and overreach," Snowden said.

While the real Snowden waits to learn his fate, "Snowden" the movie opens everywhere Friday.