Marijuana breathalyzer passes police field tests

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CALIFORNIA — Here's some news that ain't so dope! Police have a new way to crack down on stoned drivers: a marijuana breathalyzer.

The device is called The Hound, and its manufacturer is gearing up for widespread distribution after California police ran a successful field test.

According to the company, marijuana is metabolized through our breath the same as alcohol.

The Hound measures tetrahydrocannabinol, which is commonly refered to as THC, for the first few hours after the alleged user smokes or eats marijuana.

The makers said that's good enough because the device only flags drivers who are still high and impaired.

Until now, police have relied on blood, urine and saliva tests — all which may detect marijuana for days after someone consumes it.

The makers say it's product does not just give a simple positive or negative, but it actually quantifies the amount of THC, the same way a blood alcohol test can.

The company hopes to have the device on the streets by next year.