Nick Gordon found legally responsible for death of Bobbi Kristina Brown

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ATLANTA — A finger is being pointed at Nick Gordon, the boyfriend of Bobbie Kristina Brown.

Gordon has been found liable for the starlet's death in civil court.

The suit, which was filed by Brown's family, claimed that Gordon was an abusive boyfriend, wanted to steal Bobbi Kristina's inheritance out from under her, and killed her by injecting drugs into her system and drowning her in a tub.

Gordon's lawyers said the allegations are outrageous. He had two different chances to show up to a hearing and defend himself, but instead chose to skip out on both of them. The judge, after the second skipped hearing, ruled that everything the family alleged in the lawsuit was admitted by Gordon through omission.

The suit asked for $50 million, but it's up to a jury to decide damages.

Gordon has not yet been charged in criminal court for Brown's death, but the investigation into his involvement is still open.