5-year-old boy kicked off school bus two miles from home

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WATERBURY, Conn. - What kind of bus driver would kick a five-year-old boy off a school bus?

That's exactly what happened in Connecticut while a worried mom waited for her son at the bus stop, and he didn't show up!

"Where's my kid? Why isn't my son home?" the little boy's frantic mom Samantha Paneto questioned.

Turns out, the bus driver couldn't figure out where the boy lived, so when he got to the end of the line, the driver told the little boy to get off the bus. He caused the tiny five-year-old to be stranded at a construction site about two miles from his home!

"What were you thinking, that's what I want to know? What were you thinking?!" Paneto asked. "How can you just leave a five-year-old alone to a construction worker? You don't know what could have happened to him. You don't know!"

Yeah, especially since the little boy was wearing a color-coded bracelet that means the driver is not supposed to let the child off the bus without a parent to pick them up.

Luckily, a police officer spotted the lost little boy and brought him home safely!

"I'm really grateful for the police that they saved my son's life," Paneto said.

Meanwhile, the bus driver earned himself a time-out, and he was fired.

Maybe that will bring some common sense back on the bus!