Trump addresses immigration in Houston; protesters voice their concerns

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HOUSTON, TX - Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Houston. Trump spoke to families of victims of illegal aliens at a private luncheon.

"What do you tell a mother who just buried her daughter because someone was released at the border, who should've been sent home, or should've been in prison in another country?", asked Trump.

Hosted by The Remembrance Project, the event, like most events involving The Donald, had its share of protesters.

They came out to voice why they don`t want Trump as their next president.

Under the watchful eye of law enforcement, the passionate protesters had no problem showing their true feelings for the GOP nominee.

The term racist has been thrown around when referring to Trump, but the organization Trump for Urban Communities, came out to show their support for The Donald.

“If he is, I don’t have to go home with him but can I sit across the table and cut a good deal, great! Because, that’s what we gotta do. Racism, Racists it’s here it’s in America it’s gonna be here, but the question is, who has the ability to sit down and work, despite our differences. Because there are black people that are racist, there are white people that are racist, there are Latinos that are racist, so we have to stop allowing race to be the reason why we don’t make these people’s lives better”, said Bruce Carter, a spokesperson for Trump for Urban Communities.

Whether you love him or hate him, what really matters is that Texans get out and vote!