Lawsuit claims Jim Carrey used fake name to buy pills taken in Cathriona White suicide

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LOS ANGELES — Since when does Jim Carrey go by Arthur King? When he needed to buy his late girlfriend illegal prescription drugs, according to a lawsuit filed against him.

Carrey is facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Los Angeles county by Cathriona White's estranged husband, Mark Burton.

White made headlines last September after committing suicide through an apparent drug overdose. The former Hollywood makeup artist and Carrey had broken up a few days before she allegedly left a heartbroken suicide note to the actor.

The lawsuit stated a combination of percocet, ambien and propranolol were found is her system. It  alleges all the pills were supplied by Carrey.

According the lawsuit, Carrey sent a 'bogus text message' a few days after White's death. The message suggest his ex-girlfriend may have taken the drugs without his knowledge, but the lawsuit begs to differ.

"In reality, Carrey knew full well that he had voluntarily and illegally provided the fraudulently obtained and prescribed drugs to White days prior," the document said.

Burton wants the actor to pay up and cover general damages, funeral expenses and attorney fees. White's husband is also asking for all of Carrey's assets to be taken from him including his private jet.