NY, NJ bombings: Did Ahmad Khan Rahami act alone?

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LINDEN, New Jersey - It took a shoot-out in New Jersey, but the FBI has their guy!

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, was the target of a two-state manhunt after Saturday's explosion in New Jersey and, the same day, a blast in New York that left 29 injured.

"We are extremely fortunate and grateful that nobody was killed," President Barack Obama said during a press conference.

Rahami's fingerprint was found on a device in Manhattan which had not detonated. New Jersey police surveillance footage of Rahami is another clue that made him the number one suspect.

"We'll continue in this investigation to make sure we get to know who was involved in this and why, which are the important things,"NYPD Commissioner Jimmy O'Neill said.

The initial explosion was Saturday in Seaside Park, New Jersey near the start of a marine corp charity race.  Investigators said three pipe-bombs wired together were detonated in a garbage can.  By far, the bombs took their biggest toll Saturday night in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

"They are not all identical, but there were certain similarities in the way the bombs were put together," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

What finally led authorities to Rahami was Sunday night's discovery of a backpack in Elizabeth that included multiple bombs. One was set off by a bomb squad robot.

Sources believe Rahami is connected to both these attacks on the east coast, but they don't know whether he acted alone.
These are being investigated as acts of domestic terrorism, just as leaders from around the world are headed to the Big Apple for this week's United Nations' general assembly.

Regarding U.S. safety, Obama tried to reassure the American people.

"Our counter-terrorism and law enforcement professionals at every level, federal, state and local, are working together," the president said.

With Rahami in custody, there is a momentary sigh of relief. But, for how long?