Study: Single ladies over 60 just as happy as younger, married women

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HOUSTON —  Single ladies, listen up!

If he's never put a ring on it, don't worry. New research shows no groom equals no gloom when you’re older.

Sociology professors Gary Ralph Lee and Krista Payne at Bowling Green University surveyed 51,000 Americans and used 38 years of national data to prove eternally single women in their 60s are just as happy as married ladies.

In general, married folks are supposedly happier than people who are divorced, widowed, or never hitched.

The study didn't reveal why, so NewsFix hit the streets for some good guesses.

"If they've lived a life that is productive, if they have passions and activities, organizations that they're part of, things that they're passionate about that makes them happy," one person said. "I think they could be equally as happy as married women over sixty."

Some felt women in their 60s don't need a man in their life by that point.

Gender matters though, and “perpetually” single men, ranked lower on the happiness scale than married men.

"Because they're lonely," one man said. "They're by themselves."

Others, who didn't want to go on camera, suggested a lack of sex may have something to do with it.

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