Did ‘parenting differences’ cause Brangelina’s break up?

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HOUSTON - Now that Hollywood's hottest couple has parted ways, there's plenty of speculation that "parenting differences" caused the big break up between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Some reports claim Angie was furious with Brad's strict parenting skills, and their differences have been a source of constant tension.

While Brad was said to be a strict disciplinarian, Angie has indicated she "doesn't believe in rules."

Well, those sharp differences make us wonder how regular couples deal with parenting issues?

"I am more the nicest parent than he is," Houston mom BB Abbott said. "He's just more meaner and like try to 'be tough,' but he's really not."

Her spouse disagreed, though.

"She let's 'em get away with everything in the book, you know," Gerald Abbott said. "Until she gets mad at them or something."

"I feel like I'm more the disciplinarian out of the two," Terence Bishop said about handling his daughter. "She's easy, but I gotta be firm with her."

"If we do have a very differing opinion, we can come to terms with it and make an agreement," Colby Sills said about how he and his wife deal with issues. "I think so, right?"

His wife knodded in agreement.

As for Brad and Angie's break up, Brad said only one thing is important.

"What matters most now is the well-being of our kids," Pitt said.

And it sounds like that's one bit of parenting advice we can all agree with.

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